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Sparkle’s Annual Holiday Cheermeister

Sparkle’s Annual Holiday Cheermeister

This year at “Sparkle’s Annual Holiday Cheermeister” party in the Kasota building (Radiology Administrative Offices), the team created gingerbread houses. Every year I pick a different activity for my group to do; last year’s project was personalized ornaments and Christmas cookies. It was a lot of fun! This year I wanted to take it up a notch.

The group met with their edible building supplies in tote and created some awesome gingerbread houses! We are a really close team and I love that about us. We like to joke about how it would be if we all lived on the same street, so we tried to replicate what that would look like- colorful, unique and eclectic!

During this wonderful time of year, sharing in fun activities with those you love makes the holiday season that much brighter. So get creative and enjoy! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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