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New PCA and CT/MRI Coordinator Joining Our Team

New PCA and CT/MRI Coordinator Joining Our Team

Happy New Year! And speaking of new, we have a new PCA helping our team in the MRI Division. Her name is Theresa Cornist. Theresa is energetic, very friendly and a good-natured person. We are happy to have her on our team.

“I went into the medical field when I found my 99-year-old grandmother’s LPN license (licensed practical nurse) upon her death after cleaning her home. I was impressed that she achieved this accomplishment since she was born in 1910. I also have several family members in the medical field.

I am the proud mother of a daughter who started her first year at Ithaca College in NY this year and a son who will be entering the University of Arizona the fall of 2019.

I was born in Cincinnati and am the youngest of 7, 5 boys and 2 girls. I enjoy drawing, painting, and reading. My favorite ‘food group’ is Skyline. I also enjoy all movies and am an avid movie goer.” – Theresa Cornist

Kayla Osborne joins our CT/MRI coordinators, the great group of people who schedules the exams for our CT and MRI Divisions. While technically not new, Kayla was an access service rep at our Registration Desk. Kayla also received the “Employee of the Year”.

“Before joining the CT/MRI Coordinator team, I worked with Radiology as an access service representative for 2 ½ years so I was already fairly familiar with the department. It has been an exciting and challenging experience switching from the front desk to behind the scenes, but one that I have thoroughly enjoyed.

There are new things to learn with each and every appointment I work on. My co-workers, Alyssa and Mark, have been a tremendous help and I have felt welcomed into the MRI family with open arms.

I’m excited to see where this opportunity takes me and continue to grow and develop as I learn more and more every day. This is a great team to work with and I’m thrilled that I get to be a part of it!” – Kayla Osborne

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