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If you’re lucky, when you were growing up there was a special place outdoors where you spent a lot of time. It’s a place you hold in your heart as an adult, fond memories of a place you “owned,” where › Continue Reading

In any long, drawn out ordeal, it’s important to take time to celebrate the successes. And that’s the case in the battle against the American epidemic of childhood obesity. Some think it’s a lost cause; we do not. So we › Continue Reading

Perhaps nothing has been written or talked about or wrestled with more in health care circles the past few years than obesity. For good reason. According to a report from the Centers for Disease Control last week: Obesity is quickly › Continue Reading

The very thing that allowed the human species to survive in the first place is one of the things that’s killing it: our ability to store calories. Back thousands of years ago when we spent our days “hunting and gathering” › Continue Reading

Luring kids away from their video games for an entire week to learn healthier lifestyle habits can be a challenge — unless they’re going to a fun-filled camp with their peers. Summer camp is a new twist for HealthWorks!, which › Continue Reading

ABC recently wrapped up a six-part primetime series called “Food Revolution” in which celebrity chef Jamie Oliver overhauled school lunches at a school system in Huntington, West Virginia, the most overweight city in the United States. A Washington Post article › Continue Reading

About the time we launched this blog last fall, several other children’s hospitals around the country were embarking on similar endeavors. It’s been interesting for us to see the approach that each organization has taken and the different resulting blogs. › Continue Reading

Political tension continues to swirl in Washington as the recently passed health care bill has many stakeholders on both sides of the aisle – including many general consumers – pleading for concrete, “real” reform. Not “insurance reform” that addressed in › Continue Reading

Let’s Move! It’s a great suggestion, right? We think so, and here’s why: Let’s Move is a nationwide campaign with a single goal: to solve the problem of childhood obesity in a generation, so that children born today can reach › Continue Reading

“America is guilty of child abuse.”  Health Affairs Editor-In-Chief Susan Dentzer writes this in the March 2010 issue of the journal, a special issue devoted to combating child obesity. If Dentzer’s charge of abuse doesn’t grab attention, pair it with › Continue Reading

A recent Denver Post article, about a Kaiser Family Foundation study, reveals that children ages eight to 18  spend about 7½ hours a day using electronic devices. We find that disburbing, even before you toss in the hour and a › Continue Reading

A few days ago, we posted a synopsis of the first part of the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act that is working its way through both the Senate and House of Representatives in Ohio. The bill proposes 3 key › Continue Reading

As we mentioned back in November, Dr. Lisa Simpson, director of the Child Policy Research Center at Cincinnati Children’s, recently testified on behalf of the Healthy Choices for Healthy Children Act that is making its way through the Ohio State House › Continue Reading

Surprise, surprise: America has a weight problem. Of course, it’s no surprise. Look around. The only surprise is that despite all the evidence of how harmful obesity is — high blood pressure, heart disease, premature death, diabetes — it’s getting › Continue Reading