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End of Summer Hikes and Discoveries

With summer winding down and school starting back up now is the perfect time to squeeze in a few more hikes and discoveries.

Want to take a trip back in time? A journey down to Big Bone Lick State Park in Kentucky is just the ticket. The museum and outdoor diorama offer a glimpse at some of the amazing creatures that used to roam here. The area is called Big Bone Lick because enormous animals such as the ground sloth, mastodons, mammoths, and bison that came to the area for the salt, got stuck, and died. I know kind of gross but I guarantee you’ll enjoy the trails and watching the bison herd. Here is a copy of Big Bone Lick State Park from my book 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Cincinnati.

Ever looked at your kids and thought, “When I was a kid…” While you might have not been churning butter, spinning wool, or making toast over an open hearth fire, you can have your children leave their electronics in the vehicle before taking a expedition through the Dinsmore Homestead and log cabin before heading out an enjoying the trail. Here is a free pdf of the Dinsmore State Nature Preserve Trail.

Give your brain a workout by taking a trip through Eden Park. This Cincinnati gem has it all. Pack several sheets of blank paper and a bag of art supplies. Before you start hiking, stop and explore the Cincinnati Art Museum. Sit in front of paintings that inspire you and try your hand at artwork. Grab a delicious bite to eat at the Terrace Café before returning to the great outdoors and following the trail to Mirror Lake. If you stand at the far end of Mirror Lake and look across the lake and down the Ohio River—you’ll likely be inspired by the never ending view. After that, ramble to the Krohn Conservatory with your art supplies and get lost in the lush array of plants and flowers for several hours before going back out on the trail. Here is a copy of Eden Park’s hike.

Cincinnati is such an amazing place to live and we are blessed with so much wonderful green space to enjoy. I encourage you to break out of your rut and go do something you haven’t done before whether it is gathering some art supplies and heading out to the woods for some quiet contemplation or joining a group like the Tri-State Hiking Club to  find a safe group to hike with—whatever you do, enjoy life and live it!

If you have any questions about hiking, I’m here to help, please comment below. For more information on hiking, go to hikecincy.com.

Enjoy the trails! And, don’t be shy – share with your friends via Twitter and Facebook what trails you accomplished. Please tag Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and 6060Cincyhikes in your Facebook posts and use @6060cincyhikes and @cincychildrens for your tweets so we can celebrate your accomplishments too!

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In the woods or a creek bed looking for fossils is where you can usually find Tammy York, if you are lucky and can keep up. She grew up exploring the woods near her grandparent’s farm outside Connersville, Indiana. Her passion for the outdoors and “goofing off” brought her to Purdue University, where she graduated with a B.S. in Wildlife Management. She and her husband have climbed Mt. Katahdin in Baxter State Park, Maine, and enjoy hiking with their daughters in state parks, wildlife areas, and forests in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana. Tammy is a trained and seasoned naturalist with more than 21 years of field experience and has worked with Indiana and Ohio Departments of Natural Resources.

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