8 Healthy Halloween Food Ideas

8 Healthy Halloween Food Ideas

It’s that time of year when pumpkins are placed on porches, witches suspend from trees, and sweet treats are available everywhere you go!  With Halloween just around the corner, balancing healthy habits with seasonal treats may seem like a tricky task – especially if you’re hosting a party for little ghosts and goblins.  But with a little imagination and planning, you can conjure up a wicked good time that includes healthy and fun foods.

Here are some healthy Halloween food ideas I recommend to our HealthWorks! patients:

Pumpkin Pizzas


Using a cookie cutter, cut pumpkins out of pre-made thin pizza crust.  Top with pizza sauce and a small amount of low-fat cheese.  Make faces on the pumpkin using cut vegetables, olives or turkey pepperoni pieces.  Bake at 350 degrees until the cheese is melted.

Monster Sandwiches

monster sandwiches

Make mini sandwiches using whole grain slider buns.   Using toothpicks to hold in place, put two olives toward the top of the bun to create eyeballs.    Place small pepper strip in the sandwich filling so that it sticks out like a tongue.   Cookie cutters can also be used to give your favorite sandwich a monster makeover.

Strawberry Mice


Cut the tops off the strawberries.  Slice lengthwise and place the cut side down.  Place two almond slivers upright toward the narrow part of the berry for ears.   On the other end of the berry, stick a small piece of string licorice into the cut side for a tail.

Banana Spiders


Cut a banana in half vertically.  Using mini pretzel sticks, make 4 legs on each side of the banana by sticking the pretzels in the banana just far enough to hold in place.  Place two raisins on top of the banana at one end for eyes.

Popcorn Hands


Using clear gloves approved for food handling, place one candy corn in each finger slot to create a nail.  Fill gloves with low-fat popcorn and close the end with a rubber band or tie with Halloween ribbon.

Creepy Crudites

creepy crudites

Using light cream cheese as your glue, arrange your favorite vegetables (and fruit!) on a Halloween platter.  Serve with your favorite low-fat dip.

Devilish Spider Eggs

devilish spider-eggs

Arrange pieces of black olives in the shape of spiders for a fun twist on this party classic.

Mummy Dogs

mummy dogs

Wrap a low-fat hot dog or turkey dog in a reduced fat crescent roll, pizza crust, or bread stick dough. Leave an opening for the eyes and squirt two dots of mustard.

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Shelly Frank, RD, LD

About the Author: Shelly Frank, RD, LD

Shelly Frank, RD, LD is a clinical dietitian with the Center for Better Health and Nutrition and the HealthWorks! programs within Cincinnati Children's Heart Institute. Shelly has been providing pediatric weight management services at Cincinnati Children’s for over 15 years.

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