A history lesson: agriculture and health care reform

Want to have a little faith in the health reform efforts?

History could teach us a thing or two about how to navigate health care reform and how to be patient with the process.

“The history of American agriculture suggests that you can have transformation without a master plan, without knowing all the answers up front. Government has a crucial role to play here—not running the system but guiding it, by looking for the best strategies and practices and finding ways to get them adopted, county by county. Transforming health care everywhere starts with transforming it somewhere. But how?”

The full New Yorker article by Atul Gawande, out in the December 14th issue, explains further.

Kate Setter

About the Author: Kate Setter

Kate manages social media at Cincinnati Children's, a role that she loves because it gives her opportunities to help families find stories and pediatric health information that they want and need. Kate is the mother of two elementary-age kiddos.

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