Ten reasons health reform stalled

This caught our eye this afternoon and wanted to pass it along. From The Hill, the article begins:

“President Barack Obama’s hope for healthcare reform is in peril, and it’s not all because of Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts.” Read on…

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  1. Mike Mayer March 22, 00:30
    I read the article about Alexis and my wife and I are so happy she is getting her surgery. My daughter Megan was diagnosed almost 20 years ago with what they called Hypothemalic Syndrome (not surgery induced). They could not figure out what it was she had so they came up with that name. I sympathize with you. I look at Alexis and see our daughter Megan. I know what you are going through. My wife and I are praying for the both of you and Alexis. I will ask Megan to say a prayer for Alexis.