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Lights, Camera, Spencer

Meet Spencer. He is a super smart, always energetic 6 year old boy with a big personality. He, along with six other Cincinnati Children’s patients, recently participated in a photo shoot to capture the images for our new advertising campaign that will debut in Greater Cincinnati this weekend.

Although Spencer has had his share of medical challenges with his diagnosis of Pierre Robin syndrome, he hasn’t let that hold him back. In fact, he had everyone on the set at the photo shoot laughing hysterically as he did his zombie dance, sang along to his favorite playlist and made fantastic funny faces.

We’re so happy Spencer is helping us spread the message of our recent No. 3 ranking by U.S. News and World Report, and we’re excited to share some fun things about him too!

Like, his favorite color is … Orange!

Latest exciting accomplishment: Graduating kindergarten – ready to take on the first grade in the fall!

Any brothers or sisters? 3 brothers!

Favorite book:  “The 7 Habits of Happy Kids,” all about how to live your life well – a great book introduced by Spencer’s teacher. His mom just bought it and they are excited to read it and apply the lessons in the book while Spencer prepares for and recovers from an upcoming surgery.

Anything slowing him down? Not much! He hurt his wrist the week after the photo shoot – but not even a cast is slowing him down!

Ouch. How did that happen? Climbing trees “like a monkey,” Spencer LOVEs monkeys!

Monkeys are great! What else is fun to do? Gymnastics and playing games, like on the Wii, and Uno and Dominos!

We had so much fun getting to know Spencer and just how much he is the perfect definition of “kids will be kids.”

Keep your eyes open this weekend for Spencer in the Cincinnati Enquirer. He and his friends will be around town this summer. We’d love to hear from you if you see them, please comment and let us know where you were!

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Kate Setter

About the Author: Kate Setter

Kate manages social media at Cincinnati Children's, a role that she loves because it gives her opportunities to help families find stories and pediatric health information that they want and need. Kate is the mother of two elementary-age kiddos.

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  1. Susie Kossmann June 27, 12:27
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  2. Cindy Osterbrock June 28, 18:53
    Spencer is a great guy! I loved seeing him on my FB page. I know of him from Vacation Bible School. His brothers are great guys too!
    • Cindy Osterbrock June 28, 18:54
      Spencer is a great guy! So are his brothers!
      • Kim (Hill) Graybill July 21, 14:39
        I have two reasons for posting on this post. First what brought me to this site was the name Cindy Osterbrock. I am looking for a Cindy that was married to my brother Mike Hill and I came across Cynthia Lea Sears as a Osterbrock now, so I thought I would give it a shot. I hope you are her. I have been looking to reconnect with you for a while. Please email me if you are her. The other reason after reading the above article is that I have a son now and how weird and how small of a world that if you are the Cindy I am looking for this article brought me to son was also born with Pierre Robin. Hope to hear back from you.