Sometimes We Get a Good Feeling

Even on the days when a patient gets a depressing diagnosis or things seem to be going wrong, people around here have a way of believing in the power of a smile to help make things OK.

That’s what happened when doctors, nurses, patients and staff from Cincinnati Children’s got together to put our own spin on rapper Flo Rida’s hit “Good Feeling.”

We hope the video below (that we had so much fun making!) gives you a good feeling too!

We’d love your help to spread the joy – please share the YouTube link on your social media channels and let everyone know why you’re smiling today.

Tanya Leach

About the Author: Tanya Leach

Tanya Bricking Leach is a writer and video producer at Cincinnati Children's and a former newspaper reporter who has covered crime for The Cincinnati Enquirer, sports for USA Today, island life for The Honolulu Advertiser, food for The Associated Press and stories about storms and surfers for the New York Times. Tanya is the author of the military-themed travel guide "Hawaii for Heroes." She is married to a military veteran and is the mother of two young boys. When she's not wired in at work, she enjoys unplugging with her family on their sailboat.

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  1. Janet Cleveland / Megan Hill November 13, 09:09
    We like this video and we love Childrens. We have spend many hours there and everyone is so nice. Thank you....
  2. Jackie Wilson November 13, 09:10
    This is awesome I work in an ER and you really make your team look great. My brother works there and loves his job. Thank You for taking great care of our kids. We love you all
  3. Michelle Dewey November 13, 10:37
    My daughter would have loved to see this happen on one of her appointment days. It looked like lots of fun. Thanks for taking great care of my daughter and the rest of the kids.
  4. Janie Scheffler November 13, 10:45
    I LOVED this! We have spent many, many days and nights at CCHMC and we could not be more thankful for the great care that our son has received!!! Great job to all. Keep up the good work!!!!!
  5. Teresa Butler November 13, 14:32
    How inspiring! Love the video and LOVE CCHMC! We're both blessed and grateful to have such a stellar resource right here in Cincinnati!
  6. Jennifer Cloutier November 14, 23:08
    What an awesome video! My daughter Morgan is currently receiving care at Children's and I couldn't be more amazed & appreciative of the care she receives...This video is great, and the amazing thing is that the people that look happy in this video, really do seem that happy to be working there...
  7. Megan Cantwell November 20, 15:57
    I just got this video today! I cried because of how happy it made me. My son Trennor has his life to look forward to because one of the GI Surgeons there did not give up and thought outside of the box! We love Cincinnati Children's. Thank you for all you do!
  8. Maureen Paulett November 20, 19:33
    This is great! I challenge other Children's Hospitals and others to create this type of video.