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New Clinical Sciences Building to Boost Research Mission

It’s official – in June, you’ll begin to see cranes and earth movers on our main campus as construction on a new 15-story research building gets underway. The new building will be located next door to the research building that we call Location S, which opened in 2007.

Completion of this building will give Cincinnati Children’s a total of approximately 1.4 million square feet of research space —  more than at any pediatric institution in the United States.

An artist’s rendering of the new research building as it will appear at night from the front entrance of Cincinnati Children’s.

Most patients and families here don’t know much about the research buildings that are visible through the windows of our patient towers, but inside those big buildings – and in this one when it’s done – are hundreds of people who are working every day to discover new ways to save kids’ lives.

This new building gives us room to grow, both in physical space and in our ability to attract the most talented medical researchers in the world. Researchers want to be at the leading edge of discovery and we want them to make those discoveries here.

One of the things that distinguishes Cincinnati Children’s is our translational research program. It’s all about our scientists joining our physicians at bedsides and in surgical suites, observing, listening and asking questions. Then, they take what they learn back to the labs to explore the whys, hows and what ifs of childhood diseases and disorders. It’s really cool stuff and it’s one of the reasons that clinical space and research space are located so closely together on our campus. The easier we make it for people to share space and ideas the more quickly scientific discoveries can become meaningful treatment options for patients.

We’re excited about this new building and everything that it means for our ability to continue our mission of being a leader in improving child health. Please bear with us over the next three-plus years as we disrupt the flow of campus. It will be a lengthy project, but it will be worth it.

Click here for more information about research efforts at Cincinnati Children’s and to explore the history of scientific discoveries that have led to meaningful outcomes for patients.

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  1. tmac April 24, 15:34
    You go, CCHMC!
  2. Eva Atkinson April 25, 13:27
    Praying for better outcomes for KIDS! We are blest to have our daughter helped by the fantastic colo-rectal team, ob/gyn & hematology/oncology. Thanks to all!
  3. Susan Payne May 18, 00:13
    Wonderful progression of much needed research to help many more children with many difficult medicals ills. My 15 yr old son was diagnosed ulcerative colitis. On July 8, 2010, hr had his entire large intestine removed along with the creation of a j-pouch. While healing from this surgery, he had a temporary ostomy. But on oct 28, dr falcone did his take down surgery closed off the ostomy and reconnected him. He is as normal as ever. Research done at this facility is invaluable to me. Each day will bring more and more opportunities for children suffering with this disease and children's will be leading the way.