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The Universe Within: From stem cells to real tissue

In late 2010, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s became the first team to successfully convert human skin cells into fully functioning intestinal tissue.

This breakthrough in stem cell science eventually may allow doctors to repair organ damage by using the patient’s own cells to grow replacement tissue.

This image of the functioning tissue was produced by the lab of James Wells, PhD. It was created by infusing the lab-created tissue with fluorescent biomarkers that produce different colors for different types of cells when viewed with a confocal microscope.

Click here to learn more about this important research. Click here to see more images from our Universe Within collection.

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Tim Bonfield

About the Author: Tim Bonfield

Tim Bonfield is an associate in Marketing & Communications at Cincinnati Children's. He joined the medical center in 2009 after 17 years at the Cincinnati Enquirer as an award-winning health beat writer, assistant local news editor and Butler-Warren bureau chief. Tim is a proud Cincinnati native and the frazzled father of two teen daughters.

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