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Cold Weather Car Safety Seat Reminders

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Baby, it is cold outside and keeping your babies warm when you’re out and about is incredibly important. But puffy coats, snowsuits and bunting products can keep kids from being as safe as possible while buckled into their car safety seats.

Use these tips to help keep your kids riding safely during the winter:

Cold Weather Car Seat Safety Tips



Do dress your child in a fleece jacket for the ride. Keep the heavy coat with you to put on when you reach your destination. The fleece jacket will allow for proper tightening of the seat’s harness and still keep your child warm enough for a car ride.


Do keep your infant warm with a cover that goes completely over the top of the seat. You know it’s safe if you first buckle your baby into the seat completely and then add the blanket or bunting product over the top.



Do not keep your child’s heavy bulky coat on in his or her car seat. The bulk of the coat will not allow you to completely tighten the harness straps, leaving your child at risk in the event of an accident.


Do not use bunting-type products in infant seats if the product lies between the baby and the seat or interferes with the 5-point harness in any way.

For older kids, please remember to be a model of good behavior and always wear your seatbelt yourself. During the winter, you never know when conditions may quickly change with the roads, so please buckle everyone in every single time you head out.

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Emily Lee

About the Author: Emily Lee

Emily Lee is an Injury Prevention Coordinator with the Cincinnati Children’s Comprehensive Injury Center. She is also a certified Child Passenger Safety Technician and Instructor. A lifelong Cincinnatian, Emily and her husband love exploring the city and spending time with their new dog, Bella.

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