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When Roman was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 18 months old, we were solely focused on his survival. Receiving a diagnosis like this felt like a typhoon and a tornado hitting us at the same time. Complete devastation and total helplessness. › Continue Reading

More children are outliving their cancer diagnosis, but many find they have to contend with the ill effects of treatments that save their lives, according to US News & World Report.  In a story that highlights the efforts of some › Continue Reading

Childhood cancer. These words can seem like a bad dream for any parent. Unfortunately, cancer is a common reality for many parents, affecting 1 in 300 children and adolescents every year. Over the past 25 years, the number of patients › Continue Reading

When he sits in the waiting area at Cincinnati Children’s, Joey Evans is usually the oldest patient in the room. At 40, Evans, a childhood cancer survivor, doesn’t mind looking like he’s old enough to be someone’s father. He already › Continue Reading

Maria Seta Kirkland says she has a soft spot for bald heads and chubby cheeks. She is a childhood cancer survivor and once had a bald head and chubby cheeks herself. She always wants to tell people she loves them. › Continue Reading