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Finding out that you are expecting is usually a time of celebration and anticipation. But when you learn that your baby has a complex fetal diagnosis, that experience changes quickly. You may be feeling scared, angry or frustrated. You will › Continue Reading

As a nurse practitioner in Cincinnati Children’s NICU, I meet parents on their happiest and most challenging of days. They’ve just welcomed a new baby into their family, but things aren’t going the way they’d hoped. It’s my job to › Continue Reading

When Misty and Curtis Oglesby found out they were expecting twin girls in 2014, their happy surprise turned to concern upon learning the babies were conjoined. The twins were conjoined from the lower third of the chest all the way › Continue Reading

Prenatal Imaging for Babies with Bladder Obstruction When you enter the doors of Cincinnati Children’s, you expect to see children—from newborn babies to young adults. Look a little closer and you will see pregnant mothers coming for imaging of their › Continue Reading

Women who are expecting more than one baby are at an increased risk of certain complications and will typically be monitored more closely. At Cincinnati Children’s, we are able to help with the diagnosis of potential complications that can affect › Continue Reading

Many people might not know that ultrasound isn’t the only way to image an unborn child. Here at Cincinnati Children’s, we perform MRIs on pregnant women almost every day. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a way of taking detailed pictures › Continue Reading

Diagnosed with a bladder outlet obstruction while still in the womb, Max Livingston had life-saving surgery at Cincinnati Children’s before he was born. He was on dialysis at less than two months old and, among other surgeries, had a kidney › Continue Reading