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Being a parent and a pharmacist in the Drug & Poison Information Center (DPIC), I have a unique perspective on Halloween. I love the costumes and excitement of Hallow’s Eve, but because I have worked the hotline on this night › Continue Reading

The past few weeks have been confusing for some parents who have kids going through the teething phase. I’ve witnessed this first hand when answering calls for the Drug and Poison Information Center. Overwhelmingly, the most frequently asked question is: “I’ve given my › Continue Reading

This week is National Poison Prevention Week! And while it’s a perfect time to raise awareness about the dangers of certain substances and how to avoid ingesting them, the information gleaned from the week is important to be cognizant of › Continue Reading

Fall is here and that means it’s time to start prepping our yards for the colder weather. At our house, that means fertilizing the lawn and having the house sprayed for those pesky bugs that like to come inside to › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s and other members of the Ohio Children’s Hospital Association are opposed to the constitutional amendment legalizing marijuana and are urging Ohioans to vote no on November 3. Organizers are concerned making marijuana readily available will put children’s lives › Continue Reading

As many parents can probably attest, giving medications to kids can be challenging. For some kids, the medication is yucky and they refuse to take it. From the parent perspective, giving the proper dose can be tricky, especially when it’s › Continue Reading

The issue of prescription drug abuse in the United States has been well documented. What might be surprising for some parents, however, is how common adolescents misuse prescription medications and/or believe that they can safely experiment with them. The statistics › Continue Reading

For many parents the morning starts with a good cup of coffee. Most of us are probably aware that caffeine can be found in some plants and is widely used in food, drinks, and over the counter and prescription products. › Continue Reading

My kids love picnics. There’s something exciting about being in the fresh air and enjoying a meal in the great outdoors. The usual foods my family eats every day seem far more delicious when eaten on a blanket in the › Continue Reading

I love decorating our home for the holidays, and my kids really get into it too. Every year, on the day after Thanksgiving, we pull out the decorations from the attic and add a little holiday cheer to each room. › Continue Reading

If your kids are like mine, they’ve been counting down the days until Halloween since October 1. It’s an exciting holiday – playing dress-up, visiting other houses, and consuming all of those sugary treats! While Halloween is certainly a fun › Continue Reading

With more adults taking medicine for diseases like diabetes and hypertension, those same medications are being linked to increasing rates of pediatric poisonings, according to a new study. Poisonings among children and teens are most strongly correlated with hypoglycemics or › Continue Reading

So, what’s the big deal with energy drinks? They taste good, they come in cool packaging, you can get them anywhere and it’s just caffeine, right? Energy drinks are marketed as providing a “safe” boost of energy, but recently, there › Continue Reading

The circumstances surrounding the tragic accidental death of an 11-month old Middletown, Ohio boy after possibly ingesting prescription pills is a sobering reminder to parents about the importance of keeping medication out of the reach of children. According to a › Continue Reading

There’s one common household poison even the most cautious parent can’t keep locked away where the kids can’t reach it: Carbon monoxide. Every year in the U.S., about 500 people are fatally poisoned by the colorless, odorless, tasteless gas and › Continue Reading

It’s the end of October and everyone is buzzing about Halloween costumes and trick-or-treating. It’s such a fun time of year, but as our doctors and experts in the Drug and Poison Information Center remind us, it’s also a time › Continue Reading