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What does a healthy body look like? There is no straightforward answer. The media often tells us that an ideal, healthy body is thin and muscular. However, a healthy body varies extremely in both size and shape.  For example, a › Continue Reading

It is problematic for teenage girls to have irregular or missed periods. But the perception I have gleaned from speaking with many of them is that missed periods are ‘not a big deal’ and ‘happen all the time’ to their › Continue Reading

What is Orthorexia? Orthorexia is an unhealthy obsession with maintaining a perfect diet, rather than a healthy weight and lifestyle. Some parents might find this counterintuitive, so allow me to explain. Children and teens who show signs of this eating › Continue Reading

Author’s Note: It is important to see a physician who is specially trained in the treatment of eating disorders if one is suspected.  Part of the process of diagnosing an eating disorder is ruling out other causes of the signs › Continue Reading