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We’re all aware that regular physical activity is important and has many health benefits. But even some very active kids have a difficult time keeping the exercise going during the winter months. We get it – it’s cold, it’s dark › Continue Reading

Somewhere along the way, snacks immediately following youth athletic events got complicated – not to mention unhealthy! What used to be orange slices and water has turned into the complex coordination of salty and sugar-laden treats and drinks. As a › Continue Reading

The role of strength training in youth sports has long been a point of contention among parents, coaches and even doctors. Much of that has to do with a lack of understanding and myths about the subject. You might be › Continue Reading

A new study authored by Jessica Graus Woo, associate professor of pediatrics at Cincinnati Children’s, reports that kids may be more likely to exercise when their friends take part. Study findings show that children and teens who did physical activities › Continue Reading

When I was growing up in California, recess was my favorite part of the school day. It was unstructured play time where we could choose our favorite activities and burn calories while running, jumping, playing kickball… whatever we wanted. In fact, › Continue Reading

Safe Summer Hiking

Summer time presents plenty of time to go for a hike. But, there are also a few dangers. The first and most important thing to have on a hike (besides your map) is enough water. Pack at least 6 ounces › Continue Reading

I’m excited to be partnering with Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to help you get outside more and enjoy some wonderful adventures in nature. Hi, I’m Tammy York the author of 60 Hikes within 60 Miles: Cincinnati. I’m an avid › Continue Reading