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Many parents are overwhelmed with excitement when they discover they’re expecting a baby.  Additional emotions may arise, however, when they learn that their baby has a birth defect. Understandably, confusion, blame, sadness and worry are among the most prominent feelings. › Continue Reading

Receiving a diagnosis of twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) can be overwhelming. The mother faces the possibility of fetal surgery and modified bed rest afterward. Her unborn babies’ lives are typically in serious danger. At this time, families usually are experiencing › Continue Reading

How we learned that our special needs child was becoming more “normal” and how we dealt with the idea of becoming different parents. Sometimes, life gives you lemons. You learn how to make lemonade and in the beginning, the lemonade › Continue Reading

Mothers. Mothers are the reason I decided to become a maternal fetal medicine physician. I am in awe of them each and every day. Their determination for doing what’s best for their babies is nothing short of inspirational. I recall › Continue Reading