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Receiving a diagnosis of twin-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS) can be overwhelming. The mother faces the possibility of fetal surgery and modified bed rest afterward. Her unborn babies’ lives are typically in serious danger. At this time, families usually are experiencing › Continue Reading

Anna Joy is the youngest of four incredible little girls. My pregnancy with her was going smoothly — I was super sick with “all day sickness” just like I was with her older sisters. Nothing seemed amiss. At the routine 20-week › Continue Reading

The Cincinnati Fetal Care Center is one of the largest centers in the country offering prenatal repair of myelomeningoceles in unborn children with Chiari II malformation. Chiari II malformation is a rare abnormality involving the brain and spine. This innovative › Continue Reading

Mothers. Mothers are the reason I decided to become a maternal fetal medicine physician. I am in awe of them each and every day. Their determination for doing what’s best for their babies is nothing short of inspirational. I recall › Continue Reading