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Evidence from a mass vaccination campaign for an outbreak of bacterial meningitis in New Zealand had unexpected results. Researchers, including co-author Steven Black, MD, of Cincinnati Children’s, found the vaccine reduced rates of gonorrhea, a sexually transmitted disease, according to › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center has launched the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program to protect against overuse of antibiotics, an issue that has largely contributed to antibiotic resistance and poses an international health risk. “The goal of antimicrobial stewardship is to help › Continue Reading

  Six children in India with complex spine deformities are standing straight and healthy today thanks to a mission trip led by surgeons from Cincinnati Children’s. The surgical team was headed by renowned spine surgeon Alvin Crawford, MD, and was › Continue Reading

We’ve written several times in this space about our global health efforts and the contributions clinicians and researchers at Cincinnati Children’s have made and are making to child health around the world. Today, we focus on our fine clinicians and researchers who were born in other countries › Continue Reading

This is just a quick “shout out” to the late Dr. Albert Sabin as we mark the 50th anniversary of the first U.S. administration of his oral polio vaccine.  That first administration was also the first approved clinical trail of › Continue Reading

When visitors pull into the circle drive at the front of Cincinnati Children’s, they are greeted by a display of flags representing some of the countries from which our patients travel to receive care. It’s a lovely part of the › Continue Reading

Stamping out disease may have seemed like nothing more than a pipe dream a few generations ago, but today we know the power of modern medicine: once common diseases like small pox and polio are now usually only mentioned in › Continue Reading

We obviously haven’t read the fine print of the proposed federal budget released by the Obama Administration in Washington, D.C., yesterday, but we were encouraged to read about the prospect for new funding to broaden our approach to global health. › Continue Reading