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As every parent can attest, the bedtime struggle is real! In fact, I don’t know a single parent, whether through my practice or via personal relationships, that hasn’t struggled with bedtime throughout their kid’s childhood. The sleep conversation is important › Continue Reading

Getting more sleep may help kids maintain a normal weight, a new study suggests. Kids ate less and weighed less when they went to sleep earlier than usual, compared to when their bedtimes were pushed back, according to the small › Continue Reading

Just a little more sleep each night can improve school behavior and alertness levels in children, a new study suggests. The study, published online in Pediatrics, indicated even a half-hour of extra sleep can have a significant impact. Dr. Dean › Continue Reading

Question: My daughter has had a hard time falling asleep and maintaining a good sleep schedule this school year. What can I do? “Sleep problems are common throughout childhood, but we tend to notice them more during transitions like back-to-school › Continue Reading