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Dear Heart Donor Family: That name seems so cold considering the role you now play in our lives. You saved our son’s life. We’ve thought about you a thousand times. We’ve wondered how you are coping. We know you miss › Continue Reading

Crystal Perez is hoping folks send words of encouragement, either in the form of E-cards or get well soon cards, to her teenage daughter, Briana, as she heals from a heart transplant at Cincinnati Children’s. Briana has had heart problems › Continue Reading

This is a tale that I never imagined I would be telling. A tale that involves both of my children being diagnosed with restrictive cardiomyopathy, and both needing heart transplants within three years of each other. Katie’s Tale It all › Continue Reading

A torch made its way through Cincinnati Children’s in honor of the Transplant Games of America taking place in Cleveland. Transplant patients carried the torch throughout the hospital while families and members of Cincinnati Children’s transplant team cheered them on. › Continue Reading

Adjusting to life after your child has a heart transplant is not easy. It’s a huge change for the entire family, to say the least, and the number of follow-up tests, clinic visits and limitations can be overwhelming. It can › Continue Reading

25-year-old patient Travale King recently received his second life-saving heart transplant at Cincinnati Children’s. Prior to his transplant, doctors gave King a total artificial heart known as a Syncardia to keep him alive until another heart became available. King’s health › Continue Reading

Maren Foster and Liam Sprague both had organ transplants on February 25th, 2014 at Cincinnati Children’s. Their organ donor was a young boy named Fuentez, who died – along with both of his parents and three siblings – in a › Continue Reading

Yesterday in Part I of this transplant story, Liam Sprague’s mom, Carolynn, and Maren Foster’s dad, Travis, told us about their children who both had a life-saving organ transplant on February 25, 2014 at Cincinnati Children’s. What follows is the story of › Continue Reading

Today, a special little boy named Fuentez Guerra would have turned nine years old. Because of him and the selfless decision of his extended family, two families – the Sprague family in Indianapolis, Indiana and the Foster family in Barboursville, West › Continue Reading

This summer Asia went through driver’s ed class. One day the students watched a video on organ donation. I had spoken with the instructor earlier in the week about Asia’s heart transplant because she had been at a doctor’s appointment. › Continue Reading

Liam was a smart, funny and outgoing three-year-old boy. He walked and talked early and was advanced for his age. He loved dinosaurs and could even tell you which ones ate meat and which one could fly. On June 4, › Continue Reading

Congratulations to members of the graduating Class of 2015! Our care teams have had the pleasure of getting to know these incredible young people over the years while they have been patients at Cincinnati Children’s. On top of their dedication and hard work in › Continue Reading

The list of medical issues Liam Sprague has faced in his lifetime is long and complicated. He’s had a stroke, a heart transplant and a cancer-like illness – just to name a few. And he’s only 4 and 1/2 years › Continue Reading

How My Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis Led Me to Music  After receiving a diagnosis of restrictive cardiomyopathy in 2010, I had to stop playing sports all together. At 17-years-old, this was a pretty big lifestyle change for me, and I needed an › Continue Reading