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Dr. Neil D. Johnson grew up in Australia, where he received his medical training at Melbourne University. He then moved to the University of Rochester Medical Center for his fellowship in radiology, after which he joined our Radiology family at Cincinnati › Continue Reading

The Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department’s Informatics Team manages the computers and electronic systems necessary for the storage and interpretation of your child’s medical images. Each year the team participates in the Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine (SIIM) annual conference. This year’s › Continue Reading

David (Dave) Hulefeld is a senior systems analyst, for the Division of Informatics in the Radiology Department. He deals with any software or hardware issues that arise in the department. Learn more about Dave and what he does for Cincinnati Children’s › Continue Reading

In the Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, computerized systems play an important role in providing the best care for your child. Long gone are the days when x-ray pictures were developed on film in a dark room and then looked at using light boxes. Now › Continue Reading