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My husband and I always knew we wanted to adopt. We affirmed this desire when we saw the need through our worldwide travels with the Navy. When we were on active duty, we visited Ugandan orphanages. Our hearts were opened › Continue Reading

It didn’t occur to me how relevant the song, “Heal the World” was to my family until someone mentioned it to me a few weeks ago. Three of my daughters participated in Cincinnati Children’s “Heal the World” holiday video and something › Continue Reading

One day, no different really from any other work day, I happened to be riding one of the employee shuttles at Cincinnati Children’s with a great guy who was a year behind me in residency. I knew he and his › Continue Reading

Working at Cincinnati Children’s gives me the opportunity to meet inspiring families. Recently, I met one mother who told me the story of how she wouldn’t stop seeking answers for her son. And when she did find the answers she was › Continue Reading

A Cincinnati couple has nearly completed the process of adopting a special-needs child in Russia, but the Kremlin has put their plans in jeopardy. A few weeks ago, Mike Sweeney and his wife, Natalia Zimina, flew to Russia and met › Continue Reading