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The employees that were involved in this Mannequin Challenge include members of Radiology’s business and administration teams, including the business director, financial analyst, regulatory affairs coordinator, coders, and administrative assistant. This team has a variety of responsibilities, including managing the › Continue Reading

Last week it was the Radiography/Fluoroscophy technologists and staff that took up the “Mannequin Challenge.” We continue this challenge series with the technologists in our Ultrasound Division here at Cincinnati Children’s. Related Article: Radiography and Fluoroscopy Takes Up the Challenge Sit › Continue Reading

The Mannequin Challenge, where people are videotaped frozen in place like mannequins, is currently the new trend on the internet. The song “Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd is normally played in the background. A group of our Radiology and Fluoroscopy staff decided › Continue Reading