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The March of Dimes released its eight annual report card rating cities, states, and the United States as a whole on the percentage of preterm births. The US received a “C” rating with a 9.6 percent preterm birth rate while › Continue Reading

Dr. Louis Muglia, director of Cincinnati Children’s Center for Prevention of Preterm Birth, is committed to stopping premature births before they occur. He’s leading a research effort with the March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center Ohio Collaborative to identify and › Continue Reading

Each year, 15 million babies worldwide are born too soon. In the United States, 1 in every 9 babies is born preterm. And in an average week in Ohio, 322 babies arrive early. On Ohio’s most recent March of Dime’s › Continue Reading

President of the March of Dimes, Dr. Jennifer L. Howse, visited Cincinnati on May 19 to mark the one-year anniversary of the Ohio Research Collaborative to find unknown causes of prematurity. The March of Dimes made a $10M commitment to › Continue Reading

Dr. Lou Muglia is working with the March of Dimes to study and discover patterns of premature births in families. Muglia believes identifying patterns could lead to finding a genetic cause which might help doctors identify at-risk mothers and possibly prevent › Continue Reading

The Support We Needed

Earlier today the 2014 March for Babies employee campaign was launched at Cincinnati Children’s. I’m honored to be serving, with my husband and daughter, as the ambassador family for this year’s campaign. Our experience with the March of Dimes, and › Continue Reading