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Brain Schreck, music therapist II, Child Life & Integrative Care, records terminally ill patients’ heartbeats and incorporates them into songs for their families. Schreck collaborates with the family to create personal songs synced to the rhythm of the child’s heartbeat. › Continue Reading

To say that music is healing is a vast understatement. To me, music means having the ability to get lost in rhythms that warm your soul and transform your pain into joy. And when creating music, I find the experience › Continue Reading

The Wendlands are a musical family living in Liberty Township – including seven-year-old Elias who has Krabbe disease, a degenerative disorder making it difficult for him to function physically.  But thanks to Cincinnati Children’s musical therapist Brian Schreck and a › Continue Reading

(Editor’s note: If the video above does not display for you, please follow this link). I love music. It has always had a strong presence in my life, so I knew that when I became a parent, I would incorporate › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s music therapist Brian Schreck continues to see positive coverage of his musical memorials for the families of terminally ill children. It began with a post on our blog on May 1, 2014, and continued with stories on the › Continue Reading

The heartbeat is the most basic, beautiful metronome. It is such a powerful, audible representation of life and of the human experience. A mother of a patient once told me, “I’m afraid that I’m going to forget my daughter’s voice.” › Continue Reading

How My Cardiomyopathy Diagnosis Led Me to Music  After receiving a diagnosis of restrictive cardiomyopathy in 2010, I had to stop playing sports all together. At 17-years-old, this was a pretty big lifestyle change for me, and I needed an › Continue Reading

From the strum of a ukulele to singing a happy tune, music therapy is helping patients at Cincinnati Children’s in some extraordinary ways. Cincinnati Children’s Music Therapist Kathryn Yeager says extended-stay patients and those dealing with pain issues are finding comfort through music. › Continue Reading