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Radiologists  have traditionally been behind-the-scenes doctors who interpret imaging studies (x-ray, CT, MRI, nuclear medicine, ultrasound, and fluoroscopy) ordered by other doctors. However, radiologists have increasingly become more directly involved with patients in an effort to provide the best care › Continue Reading

The Doctor Is In!

Cincinnati Children’s Department of Radiology performs studies for hundreds of children each day. While many of these are children in our hospital, there are many more who are coming to us from their doctor’s offices. Children and their families typically receive the results of › Continue Reading

In CT, you and your child will check in at a kiosk and then register at the front desk. Once your child’s name is called, you will be escorted to a room by a CT technologist, who will verify your doctor’s order and the reason › Continue Reading

In order to get an ultrasound at the Burnet campus, your first step will be to check in at a kiosk in the Radiology Department. You’ll then visit a registration clerk and take a seat in the waiting room. When your name is called, you’ll › Continue Reading

You’ve taken your child to get his or her radiology test. Now how do you get the results?  Cincinnati Children’s has made this process easy with MyChart. You no longer have to wait for a call from your doctor or › Continue Reading