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Editor’s Note: CLICK HERE to see the full policy and read a list of Frequently Asked Questions.  Protection from illness-causing germs is important for everyone – parents and staff – at Cincinnati Children’s, both during the cold winter months and › Continue Reading

Julie Dickerson is a quality assurance and compliance specialist in the Radiology department at Cincinnati Children’s. She is also a certified pediatric nurse and has a master’s degree in technology management and computer-based training. She has been working at Cincinnati Children’s › Continue Reading

The Solutions for Patient Safety (SPS) project has been working since 2009 to prevent hospital-acquired infections and other harm to children in pediatric hospitals.  Cincinnati Children’s has led the project to nationwide expansion. Executives say the project has helped to nurture a › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s and other area hospitals are taking precautions to deal with an earlier-than-expected flu season. Wait times at the EDs and Urgent Care locations are much longer than usual. Dr. Farrell explains what’s going on. Cincinnati Children’s precautions include visitor › Continue Reading

Researchers at Cincinnati Children’s determined how to reduce false alarms on patients’ heart monitors by nearly 80 percent, which could help save lives. “With fewer false alarms, the staff can address significant alarms more promptly,” said Dr. Christopher Dandoy of › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s pioneered the “hospital safety huddle” in the U.S. The practice has been adopted by four hospitals in the UK, and Scotland’s Health Secretary, Alex Neil, is urging all acute hospitals to use it as well. The “huddle” is › Continue Reading

The Ohio Department of Health recommended that all the state’s hospitals conduct fresh drills with health care staff in case a patient infected with the Ebola virus should need care. Cincinnati Children’s, among other local Cincinnati hospitals, answered the call › Continue Reading

Although hospital quality is improving year over year, healthcare systems nationwide are looking to further reduce and prevent medical mishaps and are looking at Cincinnati Children’s (among others) as a model of success. One method that’s being implemented is a › Continue Reading

This week (March 3-9) is National Patient Safety Awareness Week. Patient safety is priority number one at Cincinnati Children’s every day of the year, but you, our patient families, also play a critical role in making hospital stays as safe › Continue Reading

While the problems are complex, many of the challenges facing healthcare today come down to two main issues: reducing costs and improving quality. Fortunately, some progressive providers are working to identify and test new approaches to addressing those issues. Among › Continue Reading

Ohio’s eight children’s hospitals are leading the way in patient safety, sharing strategies for success with hospitals across the country. The Ohio Children’s Hospitals Solutions for Patient Safety (OCHSPS) – chaired by Cincinnati Children’s President and CEO Michael Fisher – › Continue Reading