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My name is John Roebel and I am one of the new pediatric radiology fellows. For me, coming to Cincinnati Children’s is an opportunity to return home. I was born and raised here, growing up on the west side of › Continue Reading

Pediatric interventional radiology, a subspecialty of pediatric radiology, allows doctors to use image guidance (such as real-time x-rays called fluoroscopy, ultrasound, or CT -CAT scan guidance) to perform minimally invasive surgical procedures in children. These procedures can be done through small needles › Continue Reading

I’m Dr. Allison Aguado and am excited to join the interventional radiology team at Cincinnati Children’s. I earned my medical degree from Northwestern University, completed my residency in diagnostic radiology at St. Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston, NJ, and then completed › Continue Reading

If your child is to have an exam performed under general anesthesia, you will check in at Same Day Surgery Registration located on A3. Here you will meet the anesthesia team and the interventional radiologist. They will confirm what exam is › Continue Reading