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Finding out that you are expecting is usually a time of celebration and anticipation. But when you learn that your baby has a complex fetal diagnosis, that experience changes quickly. You may be feeling scared, angry or frustrated. You will › Continue Reading

Many parents are overwhelmed with excitement when they discover they’re expecting a baby.  Additional emotions may arise, however, when they learn that their baby has a birth defect. Understandably, confusion, blame, sadness and worry are among the most prominent feelings. › Continue Reading

Pregnancy can be stressful – there’s a lot to think about and even avoid during those nine months. Taking the right supplements. Avoiding certain types of fish and raw foods. Steering clear of some medications. Controlling blood sugar. The list › Continue Reading

Summer is in full swing, which means that mosquitos are a prominent part of our outdoor activities. The Zika virus might be top of mind for some families, so I thought it would be helpful to explain some of the new › Continue Reading

If you have had a child born with a heart defect, you may be concerned that future pregnancies will result in a similar outcome. Congenital heart defects (CHD) are common and impact more than 40,000 babies each year. The chance of › Continue Reading

When you’re pregnant, keeping track of all of the things that are unsafe to eat can feel a little overwhelming. We want to help you better understand the guidelines for eating fish while pregnant.  Should Pregnant Women Eat Fish?  Through › Continue Reading

Because I was born with double outlet right ventricle, a type of congenital heart defect, along with additional heart conditions, I never thought that it would be possible for me to carry a child. In fact, for most of my › Continue Reading

Babies are a lot of work after birth, especially twins. But in the womb, twins, especially those who are identical, can be difficult as well. One of the problems that arise in a twin pregnancy is called twin twin transfusion syndrome. In › Continue Reading

It’s nearly impossible to turn on the news or scroll through your social media account without hearing or reading about the latest update on the Zika virus.  While I think it’s important to be educated about what’s happening, I also › Continue Reading

The short answer is: it depends. If you have congenital heart disease and are thinking about becoming pregnant, or if you already are pregnant, you need to speak with a high-risk obstetrician (maternal fetal medicine (MFM) specialist) and a cardiologist › Continue Reading

I never thought I would be a mom of multiples. There are no twins on either side of our family. So when my confirmation ultrasound about 8 weeks into my second pregnancy showed I was carrying two babies, I was › Continue Reading

Doctors at Cincinnati Children’s think they may have found a way to prevent pregnancy complications like stillbirth and prematurity. Dr. Sing Sing Way says microbes in a woman’s immune system can cause her body to not only block infection, but to also › Continue Reading

A new study published in the International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and co-authored by Emily DeFranco of the Center for Prevention of Preterm Birth at Cincinnati Children’s concludes that short intervals between pregnancies results in decreased pregnancy length overall. DeFranco, › Continue Reading

A study published in the British Medical Journal finds that healthy diets in pregnant women are linked to a lower likelihood of early delivery, and Dr. Louis Muglia, co-director of the Perinatal Institute and director of the Center for Prevention › Continue Reading

I can’t tell just by looking at a newborn if he will have post-birth drug withdrawal.  At least not at first.  It usually takes 48-72 hours after birth, and sometimes even longer.  But once the withdrawal symptoms kick in, I › Continue Reading

Despite doing everything “right,” in my pregnancies, I delivered both of my girls prematurely. I avoided unhealthy environmental factors.  I went to prenatal appointments. I took my vitamins. Ate a well-balanced diet.  So why was my first daughter born almost › Continue Reading

We all know that mothers perform amazing feats every day. But did you know that biologically, the act of becoming a mother actually defies nature? That’s right. The process of successfully carrying a child to term, from a purely immunologic › Continue Reading

Smoking marijuana during pregnancy may be more dangerous than you think, according to the latest research from Cincinnati Children’s. A study led by Sudhansu K. Dey, PhD, director of the Division of Reproductive Science at Cincinnati Children’s, and his colleagues › Continue Reading