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Studies suggest that the majority of people who die by suicide give warning signs beforehand, but the signs are not always obvious.  We all – as parents, friends, family and community members – need to be looking for the warning › Continue Reading

An increasingly stressful environment and unfiltered access to information could be dramatically boosting the number of teens and children hospitalized for suicidal thoughts or actions. A recent study found that children’s hospital admissions of patients 5 to 17 years old for › Continue Reading

The pressure of being a kid is taking more and more teenagers and preteens down a dark path. Children are dealing with anxiety, depression, and having thoughts of suicide. Doctors at Cincinnati Children’s have seen a 5 to 10 percent › Continue Reading

A local preschool focuses on children who have been severely abused and neglected. Nearly half of its students have been exposed to a parent’s substance abuse. As the heroin epidemic creates a bigger demand for counseling and treatment of young › Continue Reading

Suicide remains the third leading cause of death in children between 10 and 14, and is second among people between 15 and 35. Every 14 minutes someone commits suicide. Enter John Pestian, a professor in the divisions of Biomedical Informatics and Psychiatry, › Continue Reading

Every time I hear about another account of school violence, my heart sinks and I think about how I can speed up my current research efforts so that we could potentially have a better system in place for preventing these › Continue Reading

Researchers in the Division of Psychiatry recently developed a way to assess middle and high school students’ risk of violent behavior at schools. The study included 25 students with behavioral changes from 15 schools in Ohio and Kentucky. The study › Continue Reading

Resiliency. It’s a word that’s spoken about frequently with psychologists working with youth – and with good reason. Adversity is an inevitable part of the human experience. Whether due to potentially life-changing situations (e.g., having a major illness, experiencing loss, › Continue Reading

This is my and my daughter’s second year participating in Patiently Made, and we love it. Patiently Made started last year as a way to have patients, staff and members of the Patient and Family Advisory Council create artwork for › Continue Reading

It was spring of 2013, and it started out like any other second Thursday of the month. The Patient and Family Advisory Council gathered to discuss the usual things, like ways to ensure and enhance the best experience for patients › Continue Reading

… a lot more than most of us realize. According to the Centers for Disease Control, each year, 4,600 young lives end too soon as a result of suicide. In a nationwide survey of youth in 9th to 12th grade, 16% › Continue Reading