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For many years, MRI department technologists have been dependent on cumbersome protocol binders in each control room to scan the correct sequences, set up the correct parameters, and follow proper guidelines. Image: MRI protocols on the Cincinnati Children’s Radiology website. Recently, we › Continue Reading

In a time where the prices of health care continue to skyrocket, we need to appropriately utilize our limited resources; hence, the inception and adoption of the Appropriateness Criteria. The Task Force on Appropriateness Criteria by the American College of › Continue Reading

At Cincinnati Children’s, neurosurgeons and radiologists work together to give your child the best possible outcome. Imaging is routinely used in the operating room to guide surgeons to the abnormality, avoid regions of the brain that control important functions (such › Continue Reading

Physicians are lifelong learners, seeking out new research and ways to improve the care they provide to patients and families. Our radiologists at Cincinnati Children’s are committed to their ongoing education. They attend regional, national and even international conferences and › Continue Reading

Last week, the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s was named a semifinalist in the Best Radiologist Training Program by AuntMinnie.com. Our department is the first and only children’s hospital to be nominated and the only department that does not have its › Continue Reading

Along with providing outstanding clinical care for your child, the Radiology Department at Cincinnati Children’s is committed to teaching future generations of caregivers how to be excellent physicians, technologists, and nurses. Our department has a rich history in pediatric radiology › Continue Reading

Many people might not know that ultrasound isn’t the only way to image an unborn child. Here at Cincinnati Children’s, we perform MRIs on pregnant women almost every day. MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) is a way of taking detailed pictures › Continue Reading

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Parents and children can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that most breast diseases in children either resolve on their own or are easily treated. Breast cancer is very rare in children, even in › Continue Reading