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One of the most exciting parts of my job as a pediatric radiologist at Cincinnati Children’s is the collaboration with other doctors and their healthcare teams. Working together, we help provide the best care for our patients. One of my › Continue Reading

A female aardvark from the Cincinnati Zoo received special attention from neighbor Cincinnati Children’s. The Zoo asked for help diagnosing an ongoing medical problem with the 11-year-old ailing aardvark named “Ali.” Click on WCPO.com to find out how a team › Continue Reading

The beginning of a new year gives us all an opportunity to reflect on the past and to plan for the future. Many of us consider our accomplishments from the previous year and set new goals for the year to › Continue Reading

The babies in our neonatal unit are very delicate and require special care. Many are extra small in size due to prematurity, while others are sick and frail due to an underlying illness. These babies often receive important medications through intravenous › Continue Reading

Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia (CDH) is a potentially life-threatening illness that often has a long-term impact on the development and general health of infants. In infants with this birth defect, there is a hole in the diaphragm (the muscle that’s responsible › Continue Reading

Sarah O’Brien is the lead CT/MRI coordinator in the Radiology Department of Cincinnati Children’s. Listen to her explain why she loves her new non-clinical role in radiology.

This story was provided by Paula Bennett. In the 11 years that I have worked in ultrasound at Cincinnati Children’s, I have been asked numerous times by patients and parents, “Where did you go to school to learn to do › Continue Reading

On a busy day, our technologists in the Radiology Department can take hundreds of x-ray pictures of children. We can think of this as “just part of the job,” or we can choose to see every patient encounter as an amazing opportunity. Here’s what a › Continue Reading

Dr. Kathleen Emery, radiologist at Cincinnati Children’s, gives us an introductory look at how joints are imaged. Using specialized MRI coils, radiologists are able to scan the joints of the body at higher detail than what is possible with x-rays and ultrasound.

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department is proud to introduce the EOS: Low Dose Imaging System. The EOS Imaging System, now available at the hospital, is an innovative new two-dimensional (2D) or three-dimensional (3D) method that uses low-radiation dose technology to evaluate › Continue Reading

I’m Alana Mahley, coordinator of regulatory affairs for the Radiology Department. I’m also an administrative assistant to Drs. Abruzzo, Racadio, Patel, Aguado, Nasser, Brody and Sharp. I’ve worked at Cincinnati Children’s since December 2012. I love supporting four of the five interventional radiology › Continue Reading

  Dr. Alexander Towbin, Chair of Radiology Informatics at Cincinnati Children’s, explains how the Radiology Department has worked to get your child’s x-ray results back faster.

When I tell someone that I work for Cincinnati Children’s, the first thing they ask me is, “What do you do there?” When I tell them I’m a nuclear medicine technologist, the response is usually, “Wow!… What is that?” In › Continue Reading

For many children, visiting a radiology department can be a stressful and difficult experience. Having your pictures taken can often involve big, scary and loud equipment, uncomfortable positions, and even painful procedures. At Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, Child Life Specialists › Continue Reading

My name is Emily Mueller. I have been an x-ray technician at Cincinnati Children’s for seven years. I originally earned a bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Services, but I didn’t feel like it was the right field for me. I decided to go to Xavier University › Continue Reading

“Cincinnati?! Like, as in Ohio?!” I remember my mom saying when I told her we were moving to Cincinnati a few years ago.  It’s kind of crazy to think that such a great children’s hospital isn’t in New York, Los › Continue Reading

My name is Lori Holthaus. I am an Administrative Assistant in the Radiology Department and I support Drs. Anton, Johnson, Podberesky and Towbin. I’ve been with Cincinnati Children’s since March of 2012. I was drawn to Cincinnati Children’s because of my › Continue Reading

Breast milk not only provides perfect nutrition for your infant, but it can also play a huge role in some of the studies we perform every day. 1. Nuclear Medicine: In liquid gastric emptying studies, we take pictures of how your child’s stomach empties. To do › Continue Reading