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When your child breaks or fractures a bone, you want him to feel better and heal as soon as possible. The good news is that kids’ bones are great at healing and remodeling. In fact, they’re better at it than › Continue Reading

It’s the time of year when playing outside means playing in the snow for kids in much of the country. Whether it’s skiing, snowboarding, or sledding, there are several things you can do to ensure your child stays safe and › Continue Reading

Pain in the front part of the knee is a very common symptom in children. The knee is the largest joint in the body and where most growth occurs. Your child athlete may have a condition called Osgood-Schlatter’s disease, which › Continue Reading

At Cincinnati Children’s, a common condition athletic trainers see in gymnasts is wrist pain.  It affects up to 79 percent of gymnasts, mainly females ages 12-14 who train more than 35 hours per week. Sharon Frank is a gymnastics outreach › Continue Reading

Professional and recreational athletes who are injured are getting back in the game faster than ever because of recent advances in medical tools, techniques and materials. Advancement in minimally surgical techniques means that patients are able to recover quicker. Read › Continue Reading

Wrist injuries happen in all kinds of sports – football, basketball, gymnastics, cheerleading and even in sports like soccer where the hands don’t typically come into play. As with many common sports injuries, parents often choose to take the “wait › Continue Reading
Fall sports are in full swing and many youth football players are hitting the field and learning the ins and outs of the game.  With this high contact sport, a common sports injury follows. Acromioclavicular Separation or AC sprain is also › Continue Reading

Doctors from the Division of Sports Medicine at Cincinnati Children’s provide safety tips for young athletes returning to sports this fall. Tips cover issues including conditioning, heat illness, asthma, and concussions. Read more on sports safety on HealthDay.com.

We often see young athletes who are struggling in their sport due to the pain of an overuse injury. This term is used often, but is often not fully understood. The following Q&A covers the most important information about overuse › Continue Reading

  More hospitals nationwide are catering to the special needs of young injured athletes.  In this story from The Wall Street Journal, a report from Cincinnati Children’s is cited showing team sports injuries are on the rise for youth players.

A new Cincinnati Children’s study shows that while kids’ sports injuries have declined overall over the past decade, injuries are still on the rise for those playing football and soccer. The study, led by Dr. Shital Parikh, orthopaedic surgeon at Cincinnati › Continue Reading

ACL Injuries The ACL is a ligament inside your knee that provides stability during activity. ACL tears happen most commonly in sports with running, jumping and change of direction. ACL tears occur two to six times more often in females › Continue Reading

Zoe Bruce, a competitive gymnast, was practicing on the high bars two years ago when she fell and broke and dislocated both elbows. With her arms wrapped in full wrist-to-shoulder casts, Zoe needed help with everything from getting dressed to eating and using › Continue Reading