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We are excited about this research and the potential for it to help kids with gastrointestinal diseases. Here’s why: 5 REASONS TO BE EXCITED ABOUT SCIENTISTS GROWING HUMAN COLONS:    1. THE POTENTIAL FOR TRANSPLANTATION INTO PATIENTS. Quite a few › Continue Reading

A research team at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center discovered that c-kit cells do not, as originally believed, act as cardiac stem cells and, furthermore, do not act to produce new heart muscle in vivo. Dr. Jeff Molkentin led the › Continue Reading

In late 2010, researchers at Cincinnati Children’s became the first team to successfully convert human skin cells into fully functioning intestinal tissue. This breakthrough in stem cell science eventually may allow doctors to repair organ damage by using the patient’s › Continue Reading

It might not make you look any younger, but a new discovery may someday make you feel better as you age. A German researcher working at Cincinnati Children’s appears to have found a way to make stem cells act young › Continue Reading