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The Imaging Research Center (IRC) is a division of the Department of Radiology as well as a core resource in the Cincinnati Children’s Research Foundation. The IRC houses approximately 15 PhD faculty members, as well as postdoctoral students, other trainees and staff. Among › Continue Reading

Today we visit the Radiography Division where x-rays are taken. X-rays show the bones, fluids and air in the body. They are also good for looking at foreign objects in or on the body. Our tour guide and technologist, Kylie › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s has a department that uses x-rays to take pictures of different parts of patients’ bodies.  X-rays have been used in medicine since 1895 when the first picture of a hand was taken. Over the past 120 years, the use › Continue Reading

I love knowing that when I go to work I am going to make a difference in someone’s life. Helping patients get through a scan is a feeling of fulfillment. In my experience, I have come to know that listening › Continue Reading

When asked why I enjoy being a Radiology technologist, a whirlwind of words and phrases came to mind. Had I been asked a couple years ago where I’d be now, I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be working in pediatrics; now, › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s celebrated Health Technician Management Week May 23-27. This annual celebration is designed to promote the awareness and appreciation for the critical work of biomedical equipment technicians (BMETs), clinical engineers, and other members of the healthcare technology management (HTM) field. › Continue Reading

Image: Ultrasound obtained behind the knee of a young child with a soft bump shows a round cyst (white arrow) with a “tail” (yellow arrow) extending deep toward the joint between the muscles. This is a typical appearance and location for › Continue Reading

When most people ask what I do and I respond that I’m a nuclear medicine technologist, they usually answer, “What is that?” or “That sounds impressive/scary.” Nuclear Medicine is not scary! It is a just another type of imaging modality used in our radiology department here › Continue Reading

Get-to-Know: Kenwood

MRI is available at Cincinnati Children’s Kenwood location on Montgomery Road. Kenwood MRI offers you and your child the same outstanding service as our Burnet Campus, yet is closer to home. The location offers stress-free and convenient parking, easier navigation through the › Continue Reading

Meet Chris Young, a radiologist assistant in the fluoroscopy department. Learn about what drew him to Cincinnati Children’s and how he and his wife did mission work in Asia!

When we take an x-ray, we use radiation to generate a picture. While radiation is around us each day, it is important to limit exposure when possible. Lead has the unique ability to stop the penetration and scatter of the › Continue Reading

Kari Moore is one of our Radiology Interventional Technologists. She has been working in our department for about eight years. Her family of two young boys and a loving husband keeps her occupied when she’s not at work. Learn more › Continue Reading

In December, Radiology staff at Cincinnati Children’s had great time spreading holiday cheer with ugly holiday sweaters. At our Liberty Campus our staff  heated it up with a friendly competition wearing their holiday fashion. This was their 2nd Annual UGLY Christmas sweater party. They’ve gone all out › Continue Reading

Outpatient Mason is located off I-71 at the Fields-Ertel exit just off Mason-Montgomery Road in Deerfield Township, close to Deerfield Towne Center. Its purpose is to give families who live north of Cincinnati, closer to the Dayton area, an option for appointments › Continue Reading

Photo: Ann Gramling (left) and Lori Muench (right) The International Day of Radiology is an annual event promoting the role of medical imaging in modern healthcare. Throughout the week of November 8, we are celebrating and honoring our radiology technologists. We have › Continue Reading

Each year in October, the Department of Radiology transforms into place that children will enjoy visiting during Halloween! Instead of being greeted by a nurse, technologist, PCA or child life specialist, our visitors are delighted to be greeted by Cotton Candy, Olaf, › Continue Reading

Hi, my name is Rose Martin. I am a trained radiology technologist, but I currently work with the Radiology Informatics Team. My primary duty is working with the picture archiving and communication system (PACS), a medical imaging technology that provides economical storage of › Continue Reading

There are many ways that imaging of the heart, or cardiac imaging, can be performed: x-ray, angiography, echocardiography, CT or MRI. In the Department of Radiology at Cincinnati Children’s, CT and MRI are the most frequently performed studies in pediatric › Continue Reading

The field of radiology is made up of more than just x-rays: MRIs, CTs, ultrasounds and interventional radiology procedures are just a few ways radiologists can diagnose and treat your child. At Cincinnati Children’s, we have technologists who specialize in each of these modalities. › Continue Reading

An abdominal (belly) ultrasound is the preferred initial method to determine if your child has appendicitis. An ultrasound technologist will perform the test by using a small camera called a transducer that uses sound waves to visualize the internal organs. › Continue Reading

Interventional radiology technologists do more than just help acquire the needed images for the interventional radiologist in the operating room. Learn more about the many ways they help physicians and other healthcare professionals diagnose and treat medical conditions through specialized imaging.

What is the Hot Lab?

When families and patients visit Radiology’s Nuclear Medicine, they pass by the Hot Lab. Is this lab some kind of tropical paradise? Nope. It’s where nuclear medical technologists prepare the radioactive medicines needed to preform the scan tests. Learn more by › Continue Reading

Over the past few months my son Carter has been treated by many departments at Cincinnati Children’s. He had an emergency room visit, inpatient stay, lab work, outpatient surgery, and was seen in both Neurology and Radiology. During our many › Continue Reading

Photo: Gayle R. (lf) and Laura H. (rt) Claustrophobia noun claus·tro·pho·bia : a fear of being in closed or small spaces : an unhappy or uncomfortable feeling caused by being in a situation that limits or restricts you Imagine what › Continue Reading

At Cincinnati Children’s, the overnight shift in the Radiology department begins at 9:45 pm and ends at 8:15 am. There are three x-ray technologists, one ultrasound technologist and one CT technologist scheduled to work during this time. Learn more about how we › Continue Reading