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The holiday season is officially upon us and with it comes a great opportunity to focus on being thankful. Many children look forward to this time of year with excitement and wonder. Many also have big expectations and sometimes not › Continue Reading

The Department of Radiology at Cincinnati Children’s would like to wish everyone a happy and safe Thanksgiving. May you enjoy the feast and the company of your family and friends. We asked our faculty and staff to tell us what › Continue Reading

This year we asked our Radiology Department, “What are you thankful for?” With some pre-printed signs or their own custom-written answers, our team answered just that.

Psychologist Robert Emmons has spent almost his entire career studying the impact and benefits of gratitude. His studies along with countless others show that grateful people are more energetic, emotionally intelligent, forgiving and less likely to be depressed, anxious or lonely. › Continue Reading

Thanksgiving Fun

Scratch is a website dedicated to teaching young people how to program interactive games and stories. The website and programming language was designed by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Currently there are more than 8.7 million users registered on › Continue Reading

Have you ever wondered what your Thanksgiving meal would look like if it were x-rayed? We decided to find out. Use the slider to see the difference between the meal on your plate and the meal when it is x-rayed.           › Continue Reading