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From Cincinnati Children’s Radiology Department, we would like to wish everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day! In the Greek language, there are several words for LOVE: Eros (romantic), Philia (authentic friendship), Ludus (playful love), Agápe (universal love), Pragma (long-standing love) and Philautia › Continue Reading

Today is Valentine’s Day. In celebrating today’s holiday we handed out sheets containing a heart illustration for our patients and guest waiting in our Registration Area. Anyone that was interested in coloring in the heart shaped illustration and turning it › Continue Reading

What Do You Love?

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year we are celebrating by walking around our Radiology Department and asking our staff, patients, and families, “What do you LOVE?”. Watch our video below to find out.

Valentine’s Day Fun

There is no better time to learn about the heart than for Valentine’s Day. We had so much fun sharing a game for Thanksgiving, we decided to do it again. Our local video game designer, coachmalone, built another game for › Continue Reading