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A new technology is being utilized in the Ultrasound Division here at Cincinnati Children’s: shear wave elastography. Pathological conditions can alter the elastic qualities of the tissues involved. Elastography is a non-invasive form of tissue characterization used to determine tissue stiffness. This information can › Continue Reading

Medical diagnostic sonography, or ultrasound, is a way of taking pictures inside the body. A camera called a transducer creates a picture by transmitting and receiving high-frequency sound waves. Working for several years in the field, I have come across many false statements and › Continue Reading

Photo: Ann Gramling (left) and Lori Muench (right) The International Day of Radiology is an annual event promoting the role of medical imaging in modern healthcare. Throughout the week of November 8, we are celebrating and honoring our radiology technologists. We have › Continue Reading

My journey to becoming an employee at Cincinnati Children’s began when my husband and I adopted our son, Milo, from China in May 2011. Our year-and-a-half journey to adopt Milo culminated in a two-week stay in China. Although we were › Continue Reading

Seven years ago I was a timid, but eager, student rotating through the ultrasound department at Cincinnati Children’s. I was learning new ultrasound exams and terms everyday, and trying to take advantage of every chance to scan. As a student, › Continue Reading

Cincinnati Children’s Radiology is excited to announce that our ultrasound department at the Liberty campus has increased its hours of operation in order to assist the Liberty expansion and the area’s fast growing population. Ultrasound is a quick, inexpensive, and safe › Continue Reading

MAGEC Spinal Bracing and Distraction System New technology comes along all the time at Cincinnati Children’s. We thrive and grow because of it. In the Ultrasound Department, we have begun to work with the Orthopedic Department with their new MAGEC › Continue Reading