Health Care Reform

It’s a part of the human condition to want to be included. We want friends. We want people to talk to. “Community” is ingrained in us somewhere deep in our DNA. OK, maybe not scientifically, but you get the point. › Continue Reading

Comparative effectiveness research is all the rage in medical and political circles these days. It’s the simple-sounding concept of comparing treatments and interventions to figure out which one is best for which patients. It’s not something we’ve done a lot › Continue Reading

The headline here seems to make intrinsic sense. After all, health care is a doctor’s world and therefore doctors would be heavily involved in the process to make it better, safer and more efficient. Right? Not always, says Patrick Conway, › Continue Reading

We’re pleased to write that today the right person has been appointed head of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services and will be thrust into the middle of the efforts to reshape health care in the United States. Pediatrician Donald › Continue Reading

Don Berwick, President Obama’s choice to lead the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services, faces many challenges. Transformation of health care is not for the faint of heart. But there is very good evidence that the reduction in cost and › Continue Reading

It’s been a pleasure these past few weeks to see all the praise being heaped on our friend Don Berwick, who is President Obama’s choice to lead the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Sometimes it’s hard to argue with › Continue Reading

Continuing a refrain she used during her visit to Cincinnati Children’s a couple weeks ago, Kathleen Sebelius, secretary of  Health and Human Services, told a group of reporters from across the country that making improvement in health care information technology › Continue Reading

There was a time that when the feds talked about quality in terms of Medicare and Medicaid, they were referring to fraud. If you weren’t stealing, you ran a quality program. Times have changed, thankfully. It’s still wrong to steal, › Continue Reading

Sometimes it’s nice to hear what you already know. One of those times was this morning when Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius came to Cincinnati Children’s to learn about some of our work and to talk about what’s › Continue Reading

We’ve been waiting for the dust to settle a bit over the health care reform debate, but that doesn’t appear too likely any time soon. Here are two bits of information from The Advisory Group just in today: Law of › Continue Reading

Dozens of speakers at the NACHRI spring meeting, Creating Connections, are engaging representatives from children’s hospitals and related institutions in a vigorous dialogue this week on topics from quality and safety to health care reform, transparency, working in partnership and, › Continue Reading

Here in what is normally sunny, warm San Diego, hundreds of people from children’s hospitals across the country have gathered for their annual spring meeting. The topics at the NACHRI meeting are varied, from public relations and fund-raising tactics, to › Continue Reading

This caught our eye this afternoon and wanted to pass it along. From The Hill, the article begins: “President Barack Obama’s hope for healthcare reform is in peril, and it’s not all because of Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts.” Read › Continue Reading

While there has been a lot of attention about the “cost” of health care reform, one of the possible benefits that’s been overlooked in much of the debate is the loosening of something called “job lock.” That’s what happens when people stay › Continue Reading

According to the latest NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, President Obama’s approval rating is less than 50% for the first time in his presidency. A political debate is not something we wish to begin here, but speculation is that this › Continue Reading

Are our politicians ignoring moms in the health care debate? According to a new survey from the blog “Why Moms Rule,” women at least feel that way. Women are responsible for most health care decisions (92 percent of their own; › Continue Reading

Want to have a little faith in the health reform efforts? History could teach us a thing or two about how to navigate health care reform and how to be patient with the process. “The history of American agriculture suggests that you › Continue Reading

Setting an example

At the heart of our mission to “change the outcome” is sharing what we learn so others can benefit. That’s why the collaborative network ImproveCareNow, in which caregivers collect and share data and progress about patients, is so exciting. We › Continue Reading

The victors celebrated. The critics kept critiquing. The general public wonders “what’s in it for (or against) me?”And those of us in the health care industry just keep on working. I’m talking, of course, about the passage, on Saturday, of › Continue Reading

The New York Times Magazine yesterday featured a cover story about work that’s being done in Utah to reform the health care system. Good stuff there, no doubt. Higher quality, lower cost. Who can argue, right? The article, like most › Continue Reading

Waste not, want not

The headline of this post is something I heard my grandmother say over and over. Or maybe it was my mother. Anyway, it’s something those who lived through the Great Depression learned and it became a part of their being. › Continue Reading

The room that is housing the Department of Federal Affairs for the American Academy of Pediatrics this weekend at its National Conference and Exhibition is a busy place. Doctors and other interested people are stopping by to talk about various › Continue Reading

With the Senate Finance Committee’s action this week, there’s a lot of buzz over Congress’ work on health care reform. Making law, especially when it’s as controversial as this bit of legislation, is never easy and it’s not always pretty. It’s also › Continue Reading

Seems like everywhere I go, people ask me about health care reform like I have some inside track. But as I said at a Town Hall meeting last month with Sen. Sherrod Brown, I’m not taking one side of the › Continue Reading