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Setting an example

At the heart of our mission to “change the outcome” is sharing what we learn so others can benefit. That’s why the collaborative network ImproveCareNow, in which caregivers collect and share data and progress about patients, is so exciting.

We need to keep sharing and keep pushing beyond the walls of our singular institutions and our small, but growing, networks. There’s a whole world out there to benefit and contribute.

At the event on Friday the 13th when doctors showed a standing-room-only ballroom proof that their unique, collaborative, social network had improved the health of patients dramatically, several in the audience were pleasantly stunned at the results. One government official told a leader of the collaborative afterwards that we need to find ways to get more federal help to expand the work.

“Wow” was literally the response from audience members when they saw this graph representing remission rates for patients with Crohn’s disease in the social networking collaborative

Another official, Patrick Conway, MD, said the work is a good example of at least five different ways the federal government is looking to improve health outcomes. Dr. Conway, a pediatric hospitalist when he’s not in full-time government service, is the chief medical officer in the policy division of the office of the secretary of Health and Human Services.

“The federal government is incredibly focused on improving care,” he said, before detailing the ways ImproveCareNow is moving the needle:

  • A network of patients and providers to share information
  • Innovation in the way care is provided
  • Comparative effectiveness research aimed at developing the best treatment options
  • Health care improvements through information technology, and
  • Scaling and spreading innovation

“This is a tremendous model and something to be proud of,” Dr. Conway said.

We are proud of it. And we know there’s plenty of work ahead. But we’ll keep at it.


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