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Patients return to say, ‘Look at me now!’

Several months ago, we asked families to send in photographs from their experiences at Cincinnati Children’s so we could look back at their medical journeys. More than 100 families sent in snapshots. We invited 14 families back to tell us about how far they’ve come. Click here to watch their video. Over the next few days, we will be sharing their stories. Here are a few of them.

Click here to play the "Look at Me Now" video.

The Buffingtons
Jaelynn Buffington was born in 2010 with a bilateral complete cleft lip and palate. She had to be fed with a syringe for her first month of life. Specialists at Cincinnati Children’s performed surgeries and fixed her smile. Her mother, Crysta, says it’s nothing short of “amazing.”

The Krogers
When David and Marisa Kroger found out their son Zack needed skull surgery, they were scared. They wondered if life would ever be the same. Specialists at Cincinnati Children’s performed multiple surgeries to help Zack’s skull and eye muscles develop properly. Today, Zack is 8 years old and doing just fine, thanks to care he received here.

The McLanes
Lilly McLane weighed less than 2 pounds when she arrived four months early. She needed surgery at Cincinnati Children’s to repair a bowel perforation. Her first diapers were doll-sized and still too big for her. After four months at Cincinnati Children’s, she grew strong enough to go home. She’s now 3 years old. “The nurses and other staff always had words of encouragement so we could stay strong for our tiny girl,” says her mother, Ashley, who still stays in touch with some of the nurses.

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