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Finding help for children with ADHD

Guest post by Deborah Willoughby-Grice, Nya Symone’s mom.

As an educator with a master’s degree in Early Childhood Education, I never imagined that what comes so easy for me each day would be my biggest challenge at home. My daughter, Nya Symone, is a beautiful, lighthearted, happy, fifth grader at The Springer School. But this came after many years of uncertainty and worry, for both of us.

As early as kindergarten I noticed slight discrepancies in Nya’s learning. By second grade, short attention span, lack of focus and transposing of numbers and letters were initial signs of her disability. A transfer to a small private school proved more detrimental than helpful. While small class sizes gave her more one-on-one attention, it was impossible for her to keep up with the rigorous, college prep curriculum. This led to diminished confidence and little motivation from Nya. To put it mildly, she hated school and I felt hopeless and helpless, to say the least.

Then a school official suggested a research study through Cincinnati Children’s.  The ADHD study allowed Nya to have an extensive evaluation and monitored her improvement with varied treatments. By completion of the study, I was more aware of her strengths and weaknesses and strategies to help Nya overcome those weaknesses.

I heard of The Springer School and Center haphazardly in a conversation with a colleague. After one visit to Springer, I knew my prayers had been answered. Everything I learned that Nya needed was exemplified at Springer. In addition to her steady improvements academically, her confidence level has increased tremendously and she now loves going to school.

My daughter, Nya Symone is a beautiful, lighthearted, happy fifth-grader, thanks to Cincinnati Children’s and The Springer School and Center.

Cincinnati Children’s and the Springer School are hosting Russell Barkley, PhD, an internationally recognized authority on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) as he presents two parent-focused seminars April 16 and 17, 2012. Please click here for additional information and registration if you are interested in attending.


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