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Youth Fitness 101: A Kid-Focused Workout Video

Youth Fitness 101: A Kid-Focused Workout Video

When I first enrolled my nephew, Bruce, into the HealthWorks! program, my expectations were that it would help him learn healthy eating habits and how to become more physically fit.

Because five of his close relatives have or have had diabetes, I felt like these were necessary, proactive skills for him to acquire to hopefully ward off the disease.

Since he started the program last year, I have seen marked changes in him. Most notably, his awareness. He’s watching what he eats and drinks. He reads food labels at the grocery store. And he’s learned how to cook healthy meals through the nutrition program.

And he loves going to the group exercise classes, because that’s where he gets to have fun with his friends while doing cardio, strength training, and game playing.

But what happened, something that I didn’t expect, is how much of a trickle-down effect the program had on our entire family. Bruce, who is 9-years-old, has been teaching the rest of us how to eat, and has even introduced us to new foods like dried seaweed, brussel sprouts, and salmon (all of which we liked!).

So when the HealthWorks! program asked if we would be interested in helping them create a fitness video specifically for kids, we answered with a resounding “yes!” Bruce was so excited to take part in a video that could help other kids learn how to work out, just like he has.

The video, HealthWorks! Youth Fitness 101, was filmed by Cincinnati State at the Five Seasons Sports Club. Bruce had so much fun demonstrating different exercises for the film crew.

The video features HealthWorks! patients and instructors demonstrating cardio, stability ball, and yoga workouts. And while the video was created for children at-risk for sedentary behavior and/or obesity, it’s appropriate for kids of all ages and skill levels.

When the video was finished, we had a screening party at our house, and the whole family came over. Bruce even showed off some of his moves.

Bruce’s plan is to put the DVD in on the days when he doesn’t have football practice and can’t make it to HealthWorks!.

Maybe the whole family will join him.

Editor’s note: We’re unveiling the Youth Fitness 101 video on the big screen on Fountain Square, July 30 from 11:30-12:30. Patients from the HealthWorks! program and instructors who are featured in the video will be demonstrating some of the routines. We’d love to see you there!

Here’s a sneak peek of the video:

If you’re unable to make the event, but would like your own free copy, please contact Michelle Hudgens at

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