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A Review of Medication Manager Apps

A Review of Medication Manager Apps

Research has shown that about half of all families of kids who take daily medication have a hard time remembering to take their medication at least some of the time.

Medication adherence, or the extent to which patients’ behaviors match the recommendations from their doctor, is incredibly important.

Kids and teens can have significant consequences from not using their medications as prescribed. These problems can include not feeling well, poor symptom control and activity limitations.

Taking their medication as their doctor prescribed is the best way for kids to feel their best, control their symptoms and ensure that they can participate in the activities they enjoy.

We have found that many of our patients want to take their medications on schedule, but wind up forgetting or becoming distracted by something else.

For some families, medication apps can help them establish a routine of taking medication at the same time each day. For others, the app acts as a reminder every once in a while when the family has a really busy day and may have forgotten otherwise.

And the bonus is that it can help adolescents and teens to learn to take charge of their own health care plan.

Because medication tracker apps can be incredibly useful, we reviewed the following apps to help you find one that works for your family, based on your needs:

[align-center;b]Possible Features,[align-center;b]MyMedSchedule Mobile,[align-center;b]Mango Health Medication Manager,[align-center;b]MedCoach Medication Reminder,[align-center;b]MediSafe Meds %26 Pill Reminder|[9px],[9px;align-center]%3Cimg class%3D%22alignnone wp-image-23010%22 alt%3D%22 width%3D%225%22 height%3D%225%22 %2F%3E%3C%2Fdiv%3E,[9px;align-center]%3Cimg class%3D%22alignnone wp-image-23010%22 alt%3D%22%22 width%3D%225%22 height%3D%225%22 %2F%3E%3C%2Fdiv%3E,[9px;align-center]%3Cimg class%3D%22alignnone wp-image-23010%22 alt%3D%22 width%3D%225%22 height%3D%225%22 %2F%3E%3C%2Fdiv%3E,[9px;align-center]%3Cimg class%3D%22alignnone wp-image-23010%22 alt%3D%22 width%3D%225%22 height%3D%225%22 %2F%3E%3C%2Fdiv%3E|[b;14px]Alerts you to take meds,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]X|[b;14px]Prescription refill reminders,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]Connect w%2F pharmacy to refill prescriptions,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X|[b;14px]Track progress,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]Create medication schedules,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]Create list of medications for doctor,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]Synchronizes with other family members,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X|[b;14px]Drug interaction warnings,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]Gives points and rewards,[align-center;14px],[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px],[align-center;b;14px]|[b;14px]FREE,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]X,[align-center;b;14px]X


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