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Cincinnati Children’s Top 10 of 2016

Cincinnati Children’s Top 10 of 2016

It’s time to celebrate another year of incredible patients, dedicated employees, scientific and clinical breakthroughs and just generally fun things happening at Cincinnati Children’s. In chronological order, here’s a look back 2016. The turquoise links will take you to full stories. We hope you enjoy and we thank you for another great year.

1. The Arrival of Drummer and Leica

In February, we welcomed two facility dogs to the Division of Child Life and Integrative Care. The golden retrievers, Drummer and Leica, provide physical and emotional support to patients at Cincinnati Children’s as part of the Animal Assisted Therapy program. Cincinnati Magazine recently did a fantastic feature article about Leica and her human, Child Life Specialist Kerri Birkett.

2. Mr. Redlegs Mischief

There was a lot of fooling around on April Fools Day when Mr. Redlegs stopped by for some pre-Opening Day fun.

3. A Ferrari for a Deserving Young Man

In May, a young patient named Brysen received a big surprise from some local middle school students. The older kids modified a toy car as a gift to give Brysen mobility he has never had before.

4. Proton Center Opening

In August, we celebrated the official opening of the Cincinnati Children’s/UC Health Proton Therapy Center. This facility – and the incredible technology housed within it – is truly game-changing for cancer patients.

5. A Space to Welcome Families

In September, the new “main” entrance to our Burnet Campus was completed and unveiled. With signage outside, a new vestibule and improved flow of foot traffic inside, it’s a fantastic improvement both in functionality and aesthetics!

6. The Oglesby Twins Turn Two

In October, Shylah and Selah Oglesby turned two. Second birthdays are always a fun milestone for families. But this one was particularly sweet as the twins were born conjoined and have overcome many hurdles and much uncertainty. Their mom shared her thoughts on the occasion of their birthday.

7. Scientists Grow Human Intestines and Functioning Nerves

In November, scientists at Cincinnati Children’s scientists reported using human pluripotent stem cells to grow human intestinal tissues that have functioning nerves in a laboratory. They then used the intestinal tissue to recreate and study a severe intestinal nerve disorder called Hirschsprung’s disease. The mom of one of our patients shared why she is excited about this research.

8. Ella’s Princess Ride

Also in November, Ella’s family and friends surprised her with a horse-drawn carriage to take her to her final Proton Therapy treatment.

9. Baseball to Bedside: Tony’s Story

Tony’s story of pursuing both his boyhood dream and professional calling was one of our most popular stories of 2016.

10. An Updated Expression of Who We Are

In 2016 the physical spaces across our campuses became a little bit brighter as we worked to introduce visual elements of our updated brand in our physical spaces.


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