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Location T: An Update

Location T: An Update

If you’ve been to our main campus lately, you may have noticed the large red crane that has been hovering above the medical center campus for the last year. That crane has been working hard doing the heavy lifting for the construction of our new Clinical Sciences Building – to be known in our letter identification system as Location T.

In the last year, the bones of the building have really taken shape and you can now get a sense for just how huge this building is. It has already made a significant impact on the look and feel of our campus and the construction has certainly been entertaining to watch.

As of October 10th, Location T is pictured above, showing its proximity and connection to the S building.

The view from close to the Emergency Department – The back of Locations B, C and D are on the left and you can see part of the R Building on the right. Location T view from emergency department.

From Albert Sabin Way coming around the back of the South Garage. Location T from Sabin Way.

The process of installing windows has started, giving a bit of a hint of what’s in store for the façade of the building.Window installation on Location T.

The new building will add about 425,000 square feet of space, bringing our total research space to 1.4 million square feet.

Location T will have labs and imaging and of course, offices, but what’s so cool about this space is that it will create a physical link between scientific discoveries and clinical care.

We’re projecting that the project will be complete in summer 2015.

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