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Love for our Nurses from Facebook Fans

Love for our Nurses from Facebook Fans

Last week, in celebration of National Nurses Week, we invited Facebook fans to say ‘thank you’ to nurses who have made a difference for their families. The response was phenomenal and the sentiments of gratitude, love and appreciation are simply inspiring.

Below you can read many of the more than 100 comments that we received. You can read all of them on Facebook!

Heather Banzhaf Douglas The nurses in the CICU/A6 step down unit, and Heart Institute are the best

Aleisha Newton Pforter All the nurses from A4 south

Mandy Callison We are currently here and want to thank three particular nurses…Shannon on 3 north, David same floor and intern Jordan…they’ve been amazing!!!

Jennifer L Engle My family absolutely adores Tony on the GI floor! He is an absolute gem to your hospital!!!

Jim Schurrer We were in the CICU and A6 central for three weeks in March with our son Eli. All the nurses were phenomenal, especially immediately after surgery! Thank you, thank you, thank you

Stephanie DiPuccio Beck Thanks to all the nurses on A6 central and all the nurses with the heart transplant team! They are all amazing! They do such a great job and always with a smile! Love, Rhyder

Ricki Robinson all the nurses in the DDBP unit… They have been so helpful every time we’re there!! Thank You from Kaden Robinson and family!!!           

Shelley Zinn Thank you to all of the nurses in the TS Clinic. I’m so grateful for everything you do.

Carrie Hankie Campbell Karen Hogan in the Spina Bifida clinic is so great! We love her! And today Joe in the PICU has been awesome and fun!

Bonnie Montgomery Shannon she is Dr.Karen McDowell’s nurse . She is fabulous and goes above and beyond her job to help the children and their families !!

Selena Griffin Himel We spent last week in the PICU and this week on A4 North. All of our nurses have been wonderful and have done an amazing job taking care of Gabby. Thank you so much!

Jennifer L Engle My family has quite a relationship with Ddbp, GI, the heart institute, dental surgeons and nurses, ent nurses, and endocrinology!! Every nurse we have ever worked with has treated my children well and gone above and beyond. However, tony from GI FLOOR is one that absolutely makes a difference. He went above and beyond for our family…as I am guessing he does for all families that have to be there.

Mandi Babineaux We loved our nurses on the urology and neurosurgery floor when our daughter had surgery! We love our clinic nurses Ms. Lena Riley & Ms. Cathy Bauer. We are so blessed to travel from Louisiana to be in good hands. I hope each of them have a special weekend!

Ricki Robinson all the nurses in the surgery unit at Liberty who helped with my son’s dental surgery over a year ago!! Loved all them!! Very helpful

Laura Anderson Parrish 7North and South nurses,especially all graveyard shifts, you are our angels….God Bless you all!!! V says the same…and if we could include Scott in the schoolroom in there as well

Mandy Dickerson Thanks mom!

Traci Smith Kudos to the nurse’s on A4South!!! XOXO And a special thanks to our nurse’s Cathy, from Dr. Peña’s office & Debbie, from Dr. Alam’s office. We appreciate you immensely !!!

Heather Barrett We are forever grateful for Dr. Mehlman’s nurses Marsha and Carrie. I’m not sure what our family would have done without their expertise, love, & support! They have consistently gone over and beyond the call of duty without complaint to make sure our sons needs were met. We love you guys like family & are so grateful you ladies were assigned as our sons nurses you made a otherwise terrible situation so much better. We thank God for you ladies!

Carol Gooch years ago my firstborn son was in NICU. his primary nurse, Wendy, was the greatest! I always thought of her as his second mom… Thanks to all the nurses in the NICU!

Lesley Marie Lykes I love all of the nurses on the cystic fibrosis floor!!! My sons favorite nurse is Adam

Mary K. Hillard Trosper Thank you for all you do.

Alice Laxton I always wanted to take my daughter back to see a nurse in PICU named Angie. I didn’t get her last name but she was great and I don’t think I would have made it through it all if it was any other nurse. It has been almost 4 years ago but she left an impression on us that will last a lifetime. Thank you Angie from Abigail Laxton & family.

Melissa E Leggiero I would like to thank the nurses from 1981-present including some very dear friends. Without all of you I would not be alive today. Thank you.

Lori Austin We are always thankful for the great care we receive any time we have appointments or have been inpatient with CCHMC. Feels like home when we walk through the doors.

Dezrion Camille All the nurses on the 5th floor and now on the first floor for Hematology and oncology they are all the best (:

Hollee Stanton Nurses…HA! These are extra Moms for our kiddos! My youngest loves Brittany, Shawna, Allison, Candice, and pretty much all the staff on A & B 6. You guys ROCK!!

Shelley Sockman I am very thankful for all that the nurses do. My son has CP and many other health issues. The nurses at CCHMC are always so wonderful with him and understanding. They always explain things well and make sure all my questions have been answered. Thank you for all that each of you do. Every act of kindness and care is greatly appreciated

Liza Aust Richardson The A7 North/South (Neurosurgery) nurses have become like family to us. My daughter Kiya has spent a majority of her life on that floor being taken care of by some amazing ladies & gentlemen. I don’t know what I’d have done without them over the years! Also Caryn from DDBP. She’s the Service Coordinator for MM Clinic & has been a Godsend for us. She goes above & beyond her duties & helps keep me sane in times of immense stress. Thank you so much to both for everything you’ve done!!

Beth Johnson Gail McMonigle is wonderful in neurology!

Megan McCabe Davidson Denise Goebel our nurse care manager through hem/oc is a saint!! We are forever grateful for her quick responses and calming our fears!

Tina Barfield Thankful for Peggy Sheets, in Complex Urology who is Dr. Reddy’s nurse! She has been a blessing to our son, Jonah over the past couple of years. She always takes time to answer our questions via email or on the phone. She comes to our clinic appts. and takes time to come in and visit. No matter how busy she may be, she is ALWAYS there for us! Have a blessed week, Peggy!

Caron Bergen Mary Snow, Angela Faulhaber and all the amazing nurses on HEMOC. They took such great care of us, they inspired my daughter to choose HEMOC and CCHMC as her focus after her BSN in Nursing – Way to go, Katie Bergen and the nurse of HEMOC clinic!

Emily Mains Thank you to all of the nurses in the cardiology unit!! My son, parker, had a coarcatation repair when he was just 7 days old. All the nurses that dealt with him and his weapy mommy were extremely comforting, supportive and patient. They always made sure i knew exactly what was going on and what the next step was every day and every night. Thank you nurses!! You made such a scary thing a little less scary.

Jacob Fontaine I would like to thank all the nurses and pcas on A5 south that took care of me while i was having treatments done

Sheila Schaurer Thank you to all the CCHMC! Jo Ford in GI is truly amazing! Treats my daughter like she her child and my husband and I as her friends. She goes above and beyond,

Sara Kelbley Carol Chute and all of the awesome HVMC nurses! Their support for our daughter had been amazing!

Gail Frickman DDBP nurses give great care to their patients and families. A big thank you to Katie Thoman Godshalk for helping establish adult transition clinic!!!!

Christine Reeves-Huber All nurses deserve more credit and thanks than what they get, but one in particular, made a connection with our family that will never be forgotten. My 32 yr old daughter had several surgeries at Childrens Hospital and when she was 15, we met Grace Nash (retired now). Grace became a life-saver, not only because of the great job she did, but because of her kindness, her compassion, and the true interest she showed in caring and being a friend to our daughter. After meeting her in Intensive Care, where she came in and sang Amazing Grace, watched a little tv and sat on my daughter’s bed with her, she became family to us. She not only took care of Amanda, but she visited her whenever we went back into the hospital for other surgeries. She will never be forgotten. We love her

Tina Lowenstein-Bridewell All the nurses in NICU deserve a BIG THANKS! The nurse that sticks out the most is Kari Tepe. She was our angel Peyten’s head nurse and was there with us every step of the way. She is a remarkable person and we still think of her often. We don’t know how we could have made it those 5 wks if there werent so many caring nurses there. Thanks again for all you do! ~The Bridewells~

Becca Hughes Andrew on the 7th floor was one of sons most favorite and Anthony in Orthopedics.. Plus the other nurses on 7th and 4th floor that assisted my son Brady Funk after his back injury.

Susanne Timmers-Murphy To all the nurses in the Nephrology a big thank you for taking care of our son Tyler M. for almost 4 years now and throughout our transplant in February 2012!!!! Also all of those in dialysis clinic, ICU and on the fifth floor where I stayed as an adult post-transplant. You are awesome!

Marty Campbell Oh my , where do I start .. Zach was on dialysis for 3 1/2 yrs .. And the nurses there are wonderful . They were like family , Gary , Carrie , Lori , Sara , Jonathan … I know I’m forgetting some names but they were all great !!! Love you guys

Kari Bronner Meier My daughter was recently admitted on the GI unit. All of the staff was wonderful! We had direct contact with Mindy, Jeffery and Patty, who had floated from another unit. Tony was not assigned to us, but was very helpful and welcoming when we arrived to the unit. Alana had a bit of a rough night and still talks about how nice Jeffery was to help her through it! Julie Anderson from the GI clinic is also fabulous! She works very hard and we truly appreciate all she does for us.

Darla Chandler All of the nurses in CICU and step-down 6 Central. They have taken great care of our Grandson, Milosh. Thank you all.

Kari Bronner Meier Oh, and our PACU nurse, Jackie! I was so impressed with all of the PACU nurses. So helpful to each other! Wonderful to see the teamwork and camaraderie there. It was clear my daughter was in the best hands possible.

Maggie Kolkmeier Webb All of the nurses on a5 south saved me from insanity during the 20 months my son was being treated for neuroblastoma. You are our family now.

Erin King Brandt in the ER department at the main campus is FANTASTIC!!!!

Trish Adamson Wilmoth Lisa Schreiner Suedkamp best nurse ever. We love here on A4 south!!!

Juli Hube Sedler We Love You Sue and Lynn –DAY HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!

Andrea Rice Mack Josh Mack and family would like to thank all of the nurses in the oncology inpatient floor and clinic A special shout out to Beth (inpatient)! We miss you guys!

Michele Harvey miss n love our special nurse Peggy Clark (aka-Peggy Sue) in neurology – She was a God send in the mist of our storm

Laura Lewis Jeannie in Dr. Denning’s office was awesome during our son’s treatment over the past year. Love that whole office.

Lisa Haithcoat Koslovsky Thank you Hem Onc nurses for the high level of care and compassion you show pediatric patients each and everyday! A special shout out to Ang, Renee, Angela and Sarah for your loving care of our daughter over the past year and a half. You have become family to us and we will miss seeing you all! While we hope we don’t need your skilled care again, we will keep you close in our hearts! Also, a special thanks to our Nurse care coordinator, Beth Stockman. We have been blessed to have persistent nurses, They brake through the thick shell of a strong willed child to find the inner beauty! I know at times it isn’t easy and I so appreciate you stepping up to the challenge. As a parent, I was so relaxed when in your care! Kate really does love you guys and so do we!!

Karen Mohr Luensman Barbara on a 7 north is awesome. Thanks for taking such good care of our Sadee girl

Maria Grosso All of the nurses on the neurology floors! I have spent over seven years with them, and I am about to graduate from college in December because they helped me get my chronic migraines under control! I also am going to graduate with a BS in health promotion because they taught me so much that I wanted to go on to help others!

Our nurses are the heart of what we do every day and from those of us who tell the stories, thank you for your dedication to your patients and to Cincinnati Children’s!

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