Mr. Redlegs Causes Mischief at the Medical Center

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How is Mr. Redlegs getting ready for Opening Day? By having a little April Fools’ Day fun at Cincinnati Children’s!

The Cincinnati Reds mascot made short stops all over the medical center, causing mischief and leaving paper copies of his signature mustache wherever he went. The day began in the Child Life activity center, where Mr. Redlegs invited a couple of kids to play during the center’s closed hours.

Mr. Redlegs signed fake April Fools’ Day autographs, penning the names of some of his favorite ballplayers on Reds gear and handing out the bogus signatures to unsuspecting fans. He also made a special lunchtime request in the cafeteria for his favorite ballpark foods, but to no avail.

In the afternoon, Mr. Redlegs got a chance to see what it’s like to be a patient in the Radiology Department, but his oversized baseball-shaped head presented a challenge with the CT scan. Radiologists also performed X-rays on Mr. Redlegs’ throwing arm and legs. The images revealed what we already knew – that baseball is in Mr. Redlegs’ bones – but we also discovered a silly secret hiding just underneath those red stockings: cork!

Before heading home to Great American Ball Park, Mr. Redlegs had one last appointment in the Sports Medicine clinic. Researchers let Mr. Redlegs test out the motion analysis system in the Human Performance Laboratory. Finally, Withrow High School softball players led Mr. Redlegs in stretches to get him in shape for the 7th inning of all this year’s home games.

Thanks to the Cincinnati Reds and our friend, Mr. Redlegs, for having some fun here with us before Opening Day! Search hashtag #MustacheMischief on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to look back at photos and video from the April Fools’ Day visit.

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